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The rise of a teenage empire!

Character Names: Varon and Ryuutaro
When: Monday afternoon
Where: Kyoto
Summary: Two teenage boys decide to make the most of where they are and Varon talked Ryuutaro into hanging out with him. So, to give the two boys something to do, they're going out to make the most of their surroundings.
Rating: PG-13 for default just in case there's some cussing in there along the way. This is Varon and he's pretty blunt. XD
Warnings: Nothing much here except an occasional reference to their pasts and maybe a weird reference or two about their own worlds.

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Yeah right.

All I wanted was your lies.

Character Names: Varon and Temari
When: Christmas evening right after Varon's arrival
Where: The Garden
Summary: Varon didn't waste much time getting under Temari's skin and now she's looking to shut him up permanently.
Rating: PG-13 for language and violence.
Warnings: Destruction, lots of snow, frozen words and more heated's a fight people!

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Christmas Party log!

((Backtagging/backthreading encouraged, we know a lot of people are away for the holidays.))

Character Names: Anyone and everyone!
When: Christmas morning (Dec. 23)
Where: First floor, mostly the main hall, dining room, and kitchen
Summary: The Author's Christmas party...attendance mandatory. If you don't go, you'll wake up there.
Rating: PG-13-R, probably for language; attempts at serious violence WILL get nerfed.
Warnings: Cheesy Christmas carols and presents from clueless people! There's a post for putting up the Christmas gifts OOC'ly here. Apologies for being a day late due to shenanigans.

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just a year

Character Names: John Egbert and Dave Strider.
When: Future-dated to just after the fishplot because I am impatient.
Where: Dave's room.
Summary: John has extremely vivid dreams. One such dream has lead him to go bug his best friend, because having dreams about your friends dying that feel way too real when you're thirteen really isn't cool. And when things aren't cool, you consult the master of cool.
Rating: PG-13ish, for language and talking about death.
Warnings: Sad boys? Also hoods and dying. And capes. And possibly marshmallows.

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